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Corporate Identity

HDC’s CI symbolizes the harmonization of softness and tension, emptiness and fullness, straight lines and curves based on a geometric framework.

  • Flexible innovation

    It symbolizes a changeable and scalable design system based on creative and innovative corporate culture.

  • Expertise in spaces

    It symbolizes Hyundai Development Company creating a foundation and living spaces with its own expertise and insight.

  • Robust reliability

    It presents the corporate image of reliability
    and leadership in the industry through
    basic principles of clarity and simplicity.

영문 로고타입
국문 로고타입
  • *The logotype design, including its colors and sizes, may not be altered or reproduced partially or arbitrarily in any other forms.
  • * Using the original (digital) file without any changes or modifications ensures that the identity of HDC HYUNDAI EP is well maintained.
C-0 M-0 Y-0 K-20
R-220 G-220 B-221
C-20 M-5 Y-0 K-25
R-174 G-190 B-204
Primary Color
C-0 M-0 Y-0 K-0
R-254 G-254 B-254
C-16 M-10 Y-0 K-75
R-86 G-88 B-95
Secondary Color
C-0 M-95 Y-100 K-0
R-230 G-36 B-15
C-0 M-0 Y-0 K-0
R-254 G-254 B-254
Identity Color
  • * HDC’s two core colors are HDC Blue and HDC Grey.
  • * They can be applied in two versions—light or dark—for promotional purposes; other colors can be applied depending on various design purposes.