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Social Contribution
HDC HYUNDAI EP fosters happiness in local community

HDC HYUNDAI EP supports a variety of welfare projects in Dangjin City, where the headquarter is located. We have donated turf for the elementary schools which is used in children's play areas. We have also reached out a helping hand to broken families and provided financial support including scholoarships to neighbors in need. HDC HYUNDAI EP always pursues happiness and long-term development in the local community.

Supporting Overseas Cultural Exchange
Building friendship through cultural exchange

HDC HYUNDAI EP builds friendship through cultural exchanges especially in China which we have close business relationships with by donating pianos to local schools. With these donations, we encourage Chinese children to develop positive feelings about Korea as well as extend their experience of music.

Household necessity provision
Donations for hot summer days

As one of the activities of HDC's 'Love Sharing Relay', our company have supplied household necessities for hot summer days to elderly people. Members of our company deliver food, assemble the fans by visiting elderly people living alone and try to make them feel togetherness.

Social Contribution Activities
We carry out various social contribution activities

HDC Hyundai EP is promoting various contribution activities related to employee health and safety/health/environmental protection.
Recent major activities: Flogging activity in 2022 / WALKING CHALLENGE in 2023, etc.