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Human-Centered Safety Environment Management Practice Company

HDC HYUNDAI EP recognizes that its Safety Environment Management Policy is the most important factor in the company’s development and thus pursues a ‘human-centered safety culture by complying with basic rules and principles’. The company adheres to the following practices in its effective operation of its safety environment management system.

Environmentally Friendly Management

In order to minimize pollution, to be environmentally friendly and allow our
citizens to enjoy a healthy and pleasant environment, HDC HYUNDAI EP
puts the environment first in all stages of our processes; planning, producing,
waste disposal etc. As an environmentally friendly company, we will pursue
this environmentally friendly management to guarantee the wellbeing of future generations.

  • Introduction of Environment Management System
  • Making the environment our first priority in the whole processes of ours;
    planning, producing, waste disposal etc.
  • Exclusion of using environmentally harmful substances in the production process
    and development of eco-friendly alternatives.

Safety Management

We, HDC HYUNDAI EP, has been committed to safety management since the first founding
of our plant. Furthermore, we achieved a goal of 7 times "Zero Incidents and
Zero Accidents Workplace"in 2001.

  • As part of its safety management, HDC HYUNDAI EP practices the 'My Machine My Area' activity to
    promote regular maintenance of hardware and rectifying of malfunctions as well as to make
    the working environment improved.
  • Regular maintenance of all types of hazardous/dangerous hardware and instruments
    (consignment operation by professional organizations)
  • In order to promote Safety consciousness, we provide safety education twice per month
    with talks by external lecturers.
  • We also carry out long-term firefighting activities to practice instant responses to fires caused
    by accidents in chemical product handling

Quality Management System

HDC HYUNDAI EP established Quality Management System (ISO 9001/14001)
to pursue the certification of our product quality, build our public image and to accumulate
(through public management of documentation, data and business record)
production knowhow.
Especially, we annually renew our Quality Management Certification to maintain our
excellent product quality.


  • 환경경영시스템 인증서 영문Environmental
    Management System(ENG)
  • 품질경영시스템 인증서 영문Quality
    Management System(ENG)

ESG Management

HDC Hyundai EP is deeply aware of the importance of securing sustainability
ESG management is adopted as an essential management policy and the
implementation system of ESG management is established by establishing
an ESG committee in 22 years and applying a two track/farming
management strategy. In addition, the current level of sustainability
management is checked through evaluation by leading domestic institutions
We are continuously improving our ESG management system.